Persistence (of vision) 2017

Persistence (of vision) Eileen Haring Woods

This work, created in January 2017 was a response to an invitation by curator Caroline Wiseman and the Aldeburgh Beach Lookout, on the occasion of the centenary of Duchamp’s “Fountain” (1917). It was premiered at the London Art Fair, 2017.

The references are his Rotary Demisphere works made in Paris after World War I, when Duchamp experimented with machines that produced optical effects, work he had begun in New York. When his machine was set in motion, the circles appeared to pulsate toward the viewer, and, his notion of readymades.

The video is made up of found footage and my own videos and photographs. The music track, Irving Berlin’s hit song, The Song is Ended,  is a recording of an arrangement by my grandfather Bob Haring and his Regent Club Orchestra in 1927. Bob Haring was a composer, arranger, big band leader and broadcaster in the States. 

The video and the print explore different definitions of the persistence of vision, a subject Eileen has been working with for many years.