Social Sculpture: Places and traces of Fear, Greed and Sex

fear,greed,sex film smlFear, Greed and Sex was a participatory artwork which invites participants to consider which of the three choices of fear, greed or sex was the most motivating force for them, at that time, on that day.  The three words prompted unexpected dialogues and definitions with individual personal significance. The volunteer participants were invited up to a ‘Photo Booth’ where the artist’s assistant, Michael Woods took their photographs, which were compiled into an artwork with all participants identified only by their chosen motivating force.

Fear, Greed and Sex was created as part of the Social Sculpture, Places and Traces of Fear, Greed and Sex show at the Aldeburgh Beach Lookout, Suffolk 23-30 September 2012.

The work was realised as a 3m x 1m print which is currently on show in the Artists Room, 31 Crag Path, Aldeburgh.

 Fear, Greed Sex artwork
Social Sculpture Poster