Formed by directors Eileen Haring Woods and Michael Woods in 1996 our work has included originating and producing new arts and entertainment initiatives, cultural and business strategies for public and private spaces, new models of public engagement to inform policy and development, public space design and use, commercial design and promotions.

Our current work and work in progress includes:

Here Lived, a film by Monica Petzal, edited by Eileen Haring Woods

October 2023. Editing of SENTENCE, a new film by Suffolk based artist Telfer Stokes.

Haring Woods Studio worked with Tom Brent, MD of Urban Resolve Ltd, owner and designer of Ballroom Arts to develop the brand and marketing strategy and manage the first year’s curating of two stunning, rental galleries. Located on the High Street in Aldeburgh, Suffolk, UK,

BallroomArts launched on September 25th 2021 in partnership with Art for Cure, a Suffolk based charity with a national reach, raising money for breast cancer research and grant-funding to breast cancer support services.
Visit ballroomarts.org for full details.


For the launch of a new imprint, Hazel Press, on November 19th 2020 as part of the online Cambridge Literary Festival . Commissioned by Hazel Press Founder, Daphne Astor,  Eileen produced four films featuring readings by the first four poets:  Sean Borodale, Ella Duffy, Matthew Hollis and Anna Selby.

The films can be viewed on both the Cambridge Literary Festival and Hazel Press websites.


Eileen was also commissioned by Cathy Moore, Director of the Cambridge Literary Festival to film a conversation between artist Maggi Hambling and Luke Syson, the Director of the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge. This 55 minute film explores Maggi Hambling’s book, A Suffolk Eye about the work of her father Harry Hambling, also a painter, together with her own progress as an artist. Fellow artist and filmmaker, Diana Scarborough assisted Eileen on the shoot, in Maggi’s studio in October. This film will also be available to watch on demand on the CLF website.

Maggi Hambling and Luke SysonPhoto by Eileen Haring Woods



Michael and author Bob Cattell have published their new book AGON. Tales of Conflict and Struggle  in Greek Myths.

Taking its inspiration from the designs of Greek pottery, AGON is a book of snapshots of scenes involving not just the traditional heroes of the myths but also gods, Titans and sorceresses under the themes: Journeys, Monsters, Suffering and Death. This new publication follows on from the success of Reynard the Fox. 

Michael has recently completed a new book of illustration on the subject of Punch and Judy, with text by Bob Cattell.


Recent work:

Touch title Eileen Haring Woods 2020

Touch is a photographic series and film, made in response to the Covid 19 lockdown.


a study of HETEROTOPIA

heterotopia eileen 5913 web

“There are also, probably in every culture, in every civilization, real places – places that do exist and that are formed in the very founding of society – which are something like counter-sites, a kind of effectively enacted utopia in which the real sites, all the other real sites that can be found within the culture, are simultaneously represented, contested, and inverted. Places of this kind are outside of all places, even though it may be possible to indicate their location in reality. Because these places are absolutely different from all the sites that they reflect and speak about, I shall call them, by way of contrast to utopias, heterotopias.” Michel Foucault. Of other spaces (1967). Click here to see Heterotopia: operose