Covent Garden Flower Festival

CGFFCovent Garden Flower Festival   1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001

A 5 day arts and environment festival in London, in and around Covent Garden Market and the Seven Dials area involving the horticultural and landscaping industry, artists, the City of Westminster, artists, retailers, property owners, schools and colleges and newspaper and TV media. International press coverage. Visitor numbers 10,000+ people per day. Originated, and produced by Haring Woods/Vantage Production & Events.

An original idea by Haring Woods produced with the support of our main venues: Covent Garden Market, the Transport Museum, the Royal Opera House, St Paul’s Church, Thomas Neal’s shopping centre. Partners and sponsors included the City of Westminster, Camden Council, ITV, Evening Standard, Shaftesbury PLC, Covent Garden Soup Company.  Retailers and restaurants throughout Covent Garden joined in with themed displays, competitions, and special offers.

For the fifth Festival, we also produced the Fashion Flowers, a catwalk dance fashion show which toured ten cities around the UK the following year.

Here is a small selection of images from the festivals.



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