Ceramic works

As a sculptor, Michael’s work is currently focused on the form and shape of the ancient pottery traditions, realized in a contemporary style. Inspiration for Michael’s designs comes from his interest in ancient civilisations and their artworks and from the British decorative arts tradition.

His working practice has developed by using the ancient techniques of the hand built coil vessels, plates and sculptures in stoneware worked to achieve various textures and decorated with natural oxides and glazes. His hand painted and sgraffito graphic illustrations decorate the surfaces. Many of these pieces have been commissioned and form part of private collections around the world.


Michael creates masks which reference the artworks and myths of ancient civilisations.

Plates and bowls

Hand built plates and bowls feature sgraffito illustrations and can be displayed as wall hangings and used as tableware.


A selection of hand built, unique vessels with distinctive sculpted stoppers, pots, jugs and bowls are both decorative and functional. Stoneware, oxide stains and glazes, with hand painted and sgraffito illustrations.


A selection of hand sculpted figures in stoneware, oxide stains and glazes feature Michael’s quirky take on the human condition.