Film. A selection of art films and documentaries

Eileen Haring Woods has been making documentary, promotional and art films since 1987.  Her ‘training’ was learning from the best of the best over ten years, working with the New York Film Festival as a production manager. Her first credit was as the producer of a film about Phantasmagoria for the Museum of the Moving Image, London in 1988 where she was the pre cinema exhibition coordinator.  Working with the City of Westminster (London) she produced, directed and co-edited four award winning competition submissions for LIVCOM, the international awards for liveable cities.

She has made a series of films with and about artists including Christo, Joseph Kosuth, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Charles Quick and Vong Phaophanit and Claire Oboussier. From her base in Suffolk, she has been commissioned to make documentary and promotional films by a range of artists, poets and festival events.  Through her ongoing relationship with the Aldeburgh Beach Lookout, a ‘tiny art temple by the sea’ in the UK seaside town most notably associated with Benjamin Britten, Eileen has made a series of art films and commissioned films about artists in the Lookout. Her work, originally titled Unique in the Universe in 2014 was revised as I LOOK TO YOU, shown with two one minute films at the Venice Biennale 2019 as part of the Alive in the Universe project.


Here Lived, a film by Monica Petzal, edited by Eileen Haring Woods 2022


SENTENCE, a film by Telfer Stokes, edited by Eileen Haring Woods 2022

Touch is a series of 21 photographs made during the Covid 19 2020 lockdown period.
The photographs can also be seen on this page here.

Heterotopia: operose February 2020
The first film of the new decade, had its first screening as part of the Time and Timelessness symposium produced by Caroline Wiseman in Aldeburgh where speakers included AC Grayling, Andrew Marr and Richard Demarco. The work explores the French philosopher Michel Foucault’s concept of Heterotopia.

I LOOK TO YOU May 2019
The first screening of I LOOK TO YOU was in May 2019 at the Venice Biennale as part of the ALIVE in the UNIVERSE show at the Palazzo Papavava. The work is a new version of Unique in the Universe, remade as a 2 screen piece.

ALIVE in VENICE May 2019
During the 28 day ALIVE in the UNIVERSE show in Venice, Eileen made this short film as a celebration of the experience. Thanks to all of the artists and guests who participated.

Foreign  2018
A one minute film for the Alive in the Universe project,  shown at the Aldeburgh Beach Lookout, the Bermondsey Project Space in London and at the Palazzo Papafava in Venice during the Venice Biennale 2019.  Foreign is an exploration of immigration and the commodification of liberty.

Once Heard 2018
A one minute film for the Alive in the Universe project, to be shown at the Aldeburgh Beach Lookout, the Bermondsey Project Space in London and at the Palazzo Papafava in Venice during the Venice Biennale 2019.  This film features Eileen’s mother Judy who was a singer and pianist on radio and television. Filmed when she was in her 90’s, Judy’s dementia meant her musical abilities were almost gone, but in her mind, she plays Bach.

Persistence (of vision) 
Premiered at the London Art Fair and shown as part of a group show,  Duchamp: 100 Years Later at the Aldeburgh Beach Lookout.

Surface / Headspace 360
A collaboration with artist Caroline Jones. Presented as part of the Headcase show at the HeARTh Gallery, Cardiff in 2017.  Silent.

Here and Now
A film and photographic work presented as part of the biennial PhotoEast Photography Festival, in Suffolk UK in the Halesworth Gallery and The Cut, Suffolk in 2016. With photographers Bill Jackson, Pete Smith, Steve Wolfenden and the late Eamonn McCabe.

Unique in the Universe

Featured in the Persistence of Vision group show, Aldeburgh 2013, curated by Eileen Haring Woods.

Social Sculpture; Sustenance 2012

Films about artists and their work

Not Always So
A record of a performance and film work by artist Regine Bartsch, presented at the Venice Biennale 2019 as part of the ALIVE in the UNIVERSE show at the Palazzo Pesaro Papafava.

Cartographie Luminaire, North Sea Drawings, Bill Jackson. 2016

Regine Bartsch – Three Gates to More or Less

Regine Bartsch, West to East  2013

Joan Edlis. Once Upon a tide: listen closely and you may hear. 2013

Looked Out: A Writers’ Performance

Whose Common Now

Commissioned Festival and Special Events Documentaries

Time and Timelessness. February 19 – 23 2020. Curated and produced by Caroline Wiseman and David Baldry was an exploration into Time and Timelessness through philosophy, theology, physics, art, music, poetry and film. Eileen documented this 5 day festival which featured author/broadcaster/artist Andrew Marr, philosopher A.C. Grayling, cultural entrepreneur Richard Demarco and many more. All of these films can be seen on the event webpages here.

Poetry in Aldeburgh Festival 2018

Gingko Prize for ecopoetry, Poetry in Aldeburgh Festival 2018

Poetry in Aldeburgh Festival 2017

Poetry in Aldeburgh Festival, Resurgence Prize 2017

Global Parliament of Mayors 19 Sept. 2014, Amsterdam
Film edited by Eileen Haring Woods. More detail on the GPM here.

Seeing Time, Art as a Vehicle for Exploring Consciousness with Profesor Nicholas Humphrey and Rebecca Partridge

Aldeburgh Documentary Festival 2013

Covent Garden Flower Festival promotional film 2001
A 5 day arts and environment festival in London, in and around Covent Garden Market and the Seven Dials area involving the horticultural and landscaping industry, artists, the City of Westminster, artists, retailers, property owners, schools and colleges and newspaper and TV media. International press coverage. Visitor numbers 10,000+ people per day. Originated in 1997 by Eileen Haring Woods and produced by Haring Woods/Vantage Production & Events 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001. More details here.
Film produced and directed by Eileen Haring Woods.

Fashion Flower Roadshow, sponsored by Interflora 2001
A new concept outdoor live dance fashion show promoting fab floral accessories and fashion. Five days (3 shows each day) in Covent Garden Market (as part of the Covent Garden Festival) followed by a 10 city national roadshow. Concept by Eileen Haring Woods, sponsorship and press management, design and production by Haring Woods/Vantage Production & Events. More details here.
Film by Eileen Haring Woods.